Level 3 – Playwork

Level 3

This course is suitable for someone working within a Childcare setting, those who provide wrap around care or afterschool care. It assesses and develops the knowledge and skills of those employed in a wide range of children and young people settings covering the age range of 0-19.

Who is this Qualification for?

This qualification is for all learners aged 16 and above who are capable of reaching the required standards. Pearson’s policy is that the qualification should be free from any barriers that restrict access and progression and ensure equality of opportunity for all wishing to access the qualification.

What are the potential job roles for those with this qualification?
  • Senior Playworkers
  • Assistant managers of Playwork facilities.
Mandatory Units
  • Understand How to Safeguard the Wellbeing of Children and Young People
  • Understand How to Support Positive Outcomes for Children and Young People
  • Understand Children and Young People’s Self-directed Play
  • Understand the Organisational Framework for Play
  • Understand Relationships in the Play Environment
  • Understand Health, Safety and Security in the Play Environment
  • Understand How to Plan for and Support Children and Young People’s Self-directed Play
  • Contribute to an organisational framework that reflects the needs and protects the rights of children and young people
  • Develop and maintain a healthy, safe and secure play environment for children and young people
  • Develop and promote positive relationships in a play environment
  • Plan for and support children and young people’s self-directed play
  • Understand Playwork Principles
  • Engage in personal development in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings
Optional Units

You will also be required to complete a number of optional units. These will be selected based on your specific job role.

Certification Gained
  • Level 3 Diploma in Playwork
  • Essential Skills – Application of Numbers Level 2
  • Essential Skills – Communication Level 3
What are the benefits of this qualification?

The Level 3 Diploma in Playwork provides knowledge about the role of the Level 3 playworker when working with children and young people between the ages of 4 to 16. It prepares learners for roles in management of play environments and as line managers of other staff. The qualification covers the knowledge and skills needed when working unsupervised and learners will need to demonstrate their managerial skills in the workplace. It is aimed at experienced playworkers who have a wide knowledge and understanding of children and young people and now want to move on to a managerial role.

Qualification Time

Completion of this qualification is a maximum of 13 months.

The Apprenticeship and Traineeship programmes, led by the Welsh Government, are supported by the European Social Fund

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